I was introduced to Weave Concierge early this year. It’s a great idea. You get 1 professional introduction every week.

Lisa Jones, the imaginary product manager much like Amy Ingram from x.ai takes care of the scheduling. All you have to do is accept the invite and show up for the meeting.

I’ve done 16 meetings so far, and I recently signed up for the paid version which costs $15/month.

The main difference between the paid and free version is that you get 2 meetings/week instead of 1.

Meetings are scheduled on Friday or Saturday.

I ended up canceling my paid subscription the other day, because I just didn’t see enough value in it at the moment.

As a paid subscriber, each week you are shown 6 people Weave is thinking about introducing you to. You can mark who you are and aren’t interested in. If you do nothing, it means you wouldn’t mind meeting them.

You would imagine this works great, except that I don’t always have the time to log in and mark who I’m interested in meeting.

Lisa Jones sends an email every Sunday asking if you want a meeting. The email looks like this:

A better way to design this would be to include the 6 names in the email above, reminding people to pick who they might be interested in meeting.

I also think it is unnecessary to ask someone if they want a meeting. I think it’s okay to assume that people want to meet if they’ve signed up for a service like Weave. Even more so when they’re a paying customer.

Instead of asking if someone wants a meeting, Weave should ask who they want to meet with and give people options.

If a user gets the email and doesn’t mark who they’re interested in, Weave should NOT schedule a meeting.

Weave shouldn’t assume that it is okay to schedule a meeting with someone that the user did not specifically mark as interested. I think people (especially in San Francisco) are very cognizant about how and who they spend their time with. If the product made it easier, it is safe to assume that people will take the initiative to mark who they’re interested in meeting.

This would be easy to implement, and I’m sure paying users would appreciate it.

For a paid user, Weave should offer a meeting guarantee. What this means is that if someone cancels a meeting, Weave will reschedule with someone else. Preferably someone you picked from the list of 6 people. I would recommend increasing the number from 6 to 10. It makes the product more powerful.

Weave should also send a monthly email with the list of people the user did not mark as interested and ask the user if they have any interest in meeting with any of those people. People need to be nudged and reminded.

If you use Weave, tell me about your experience in the comments below. If you’re looking to hire a smart user experience designer, try Product Traction.

If you are building something interesting and are in the early stages, you should reach out to me. I’m looking to fund tenacious founders with great product vision.

craig [at] seedround.vc

I’m pretty sure I’ll be a paying customer if Weave refines the product a little more. It’s a great idea.